Fuel efficient driving not only saves you money at the petrol station, it puts your vehicle under less stress which reduces wear and tear and ultimately helps preserve its value.    Small changes to the way you drive can make a huge difference.  Take a look at our fuel-saving tips:

  1. Remove excess weight

    The more weight your vehicle carries, the more fuel it will consume so make sure you remove any unnecessary items such as roof racks and baby seats when not in use.  Start making small changes today.  If you have junk in the trunk it’s time for a clear out!

  2. Reduce drag

    If you drive with the windows open your car will suffer from drag especially at higher speeds.  As a rule of thumb, you should close all windows before heading onto the motorway.  However, the effects aren’t as bad at lower speeds so it’s better to keep the window open if you’re too hot because switching on the air con will use more fuel.

  3. Use gears properly

    Using your gears properly can also help reduce fuel consumption.  Make sure you use higher gears at lower speeds such as 4th gear at 30mph, 5th gear at 40mph and so forth.

  4. Go easy on the brakes and accelerator

    Harsh driving can have a major impact on the amount of fuel you use.  Make sure you keep your driving nice and smooth – going easy on the brakes and accelerator.   Make sure you take your foot off the accelerator when approaching a red light and get into the habit of rolling to a stop.

  5. Avoid unnecessary idling

    Modern cars have become much more fuel-efficient so it’s better to switch your engine off and restart it rather than sitting idling.

These fuel-saving tips really pay off!  Start making small changes today and you’ll soon see the difference they can make.