I recently decided to sell my Ford Tourneo Titanium. I looked at all options… private sale through Autotrader; or similar, car buying websites or main dealers.

These options both offered to buy it for around £12500… not great! So, I had a look at prices of similar vehicles on Autotrader – they were selling around £14500 – £15000 not bad! Then a friend suggested JustSoldMyCar.com. I looked them up online. I filled in the vehicle registration and pressed send. A short time later they came back with a price recommendation of £15900. I thought this was too good to be true. However I took my vehicle along to the auction house in Glasgow. When I arrived I was met by Scott Halliday, auctioneer, he was very friendly and helpful. He thoroughly checked the vehicle then left to make some calls. On his return he confirmed the estimated selling price would be approximately £15500 – £15900. However he suggested a reserve of £15000 – I thought he was mistaken, but went along with him. Although I did say not to lose a sale for a few hundred pounds, he assured me he would phone if that were to be the case.

At 5pm on Friday I got a call from Scott – I couldn’t believe my ears… he told me that he had sold the vehicle for £17100 …. I nearly fainted. Never imagined you could get a better deal at auction than private sale.

Throughout the whole sale Scott and the team were exceptional. I would recommend their service to anyone. JustSoldMyCar.com is the best discovery I have made this year!!

Michel Gaeta